Saturday, June 25, 2011

Searching County Records is Important to all Genealogists

If you are researching your ancestors, every genealogy goes to county records.
You must search in the county where they resided as well as the adjoining counties. Estates: wills, administrations, receipts, vouchers, annual returns, inventories; all things pertaining to estates. Even the slightest notation. Write down the information on all persons of that surname. Then, assemble the data on a family group sheet. This will help you keep the various families in tact and not keep going back to the same records wondering who that person was. All persons of the same surname are suspect for being a relative, whether it is a cousin or what-have-you. Remember what first cousins have in common: they have the same grandparents! This formula goes through the thread of 2d, 3rd, 24th, etc. cousins. Somewhere there is a common ancestor.

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