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Images of Columbia Co. GA Wills

Columbia County Wills and Estates

Columbia County was created in 1777 and is the site of Augusta, Georgia where the earliest Indian trading posts thrived during Colonial days, trading pelts with whites from Savannah to Augusta. After the American Revolution, a group of Quakers settled in Columbia County in that portion which later became McDuffie County. Researchers should research Richmond and Columbia Counties together, because land boundaries and the overlapping of family plantations, etc. The Estate Accounts represent where heirs were paid, etc. Inventories and Sales also reflect purchases from the estate by family members. Letters of Administration prove a person's death irregardless of whether a will or other estate records was found. A good rule of thumb is that the heirs usually filed within several days of decedent's death.

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Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers
  • Columbia County Wills 1790-1804 (abstracts).
  • Columbia County Wills 1803-1821 (abstracts).
  • Columbia County Wills 1822-1842 (abstracts).
  • Columbia County Wills 1843-1888 (abstracts).
  • Index to Columbia County Wills (1803-1821)
  • Index to Columbia County Will Book X (1839-1859).
  • Index to Columbia County Letters of Administration 1788-1825.
  • Index to Columbia County Distribution of Estates (1809-1827).
  • Index to Columbia County Inventories, Sales, etc., Book G (1804-1810).
  • Index to Columbia County Inventories, Sales, etc. (1821-1829).
  • Index to Columbia County Inventories, Sales, etc., Book X (1829-1839).
  • Index to Columbia County Inventories, Sales, etc., Book EE (1839-1850).
  • Index to Columbia County Accounts of Estates, Book L (1813-1821).
  • Index to Columbia County Accounts of Estates, Book M (1820-1826).
  • Index to Columbia County Accounts of Estates, Book CC (1824-1833).
  • Index to Columbia County Deeds, Book A (1791-1794).
  • Index to Columbia County Deeds 1801-1803.
  • Columbia County Index to Deeds, Book E (1816).
  • Columbia County Marriages 1787-1863 Columbia County Marriage Contracts found in Deeds and Other Documents.
  • Origins of Early Settlers.
Miscellaneous Documents (Images of Originals)

  • Cartlidge. Sales of Perishable Property of the Estate of Thomas Cartlidge, deceased, Book EE (1839-50).
  • Cole. Inventory of the Estate of Isaac Cole, deceased, Book G (1804

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  8. (Digitized Wills in counties of: Carter 1794-1830; Jefferson 1802-1810;Johnson 1839-1900;Unicoi 1878-1887; Washington 1779-1800)
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