Friday, August 6, 2010

Haralson County Digital Images of Wills

The following records have been added to Georgia Pioneers and are available to members.

Index to Haralson County Will Book A (1865-1919).
Haralson County Marriages from newspapers (1885-1886).
Index to Haralson County Appraisements and Sale Bills (1884-1937).
Index to Haralson County Appraisements, Sale Bills, Inventories, Annual Returns (1865-1884).

Haralson County Wills (1865-1900), Digital Images of the original documents. Names of the Testators as follows"
  • Aldridge, Patrick; Aldridge, William; Ayres, Martin; Bachus, James; Bates, Dennis; Bowling, David; Cagle, Benjamin; Crocket, Sarah; Daniel, S. L. M. C.; Davis, John; Edwards, B. F.; Fincher, G. W.; Ford, William ; Goldin, Nathan; Goldin, T. E.; Hamilton, John; Hilton, Amos;Holcombe, Reuben K.; Holcombe, Reuben; Holland, Fallon; Hudson, James; Jennings, William; Johnson, Thomas; Jordan, J. M.; Kilgore, Robert; Lathan, Henry ; Little, S. B.; McClung, S. B. L. J.; Newman, Ephraim; Posey, Sarah Melvin; Powell, Presley; Reid, Reuben; Smith, Lucretia; Summerville, Robert; Weatherby, Aaron; Weatherby, Sarah; Westbrooks, James; Whistenhunt, Benjamin, orphans of; Williams, W. N.; Williams, Wyatt; Wilson, Absalom; Woods, Abraham; Young, S. A. E. F.

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