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Digital Images of Putnam Co. GA Wills, Estates, Probate Records, Genealogy

Putnam County Records

Putnam County Court House
Putnam County Court House. Putnam County was created from Baldwin County on Dec. 10, 1807 by an Act of the General Assembly and was named for American Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam.

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Putnam County Records Available to Members of Georgia Pioneers 

Putnam County Wills
  • Putnam County Wills 1822-1857 (abstracts).
  • Putnam County Wills 1808-1822 (abstracts).
  • Digital Images of Putnam County Wills 1822 to 1831
    Testators: Abercrombie, Wilie; Allen, John; Allen, John (2); Allen, William; Ashurst, Robert; Averea, Arthur; Bailey, Green; Bigbee, James; Bird, Pue; Blunt, Edward; Bradley, Charles; Burt, Jesse; Cooper, Martha; Copeland, Richard; Crews, Etheldred; Crouch, Shadrach; Cullafer, Henry; Curry, Polly; Denham, Charles; Dickey, Patrick; Dixon, Nicholas; Duncan, Mathew; Edmondson, Patience; Espey, James; Fretwell, John; Gaither, Brice; Gant, Brittain; Gee, Peter; Gray, Thomas; Harris, Eli; Harris, Stephen; Harwell, John ;Hearn, Jonathan ;Hearn, Phoebe; Hill, John; Holland, Elizabeth; Holt, Singleton; Hudson, Charles; James, Elias; Johnson, Martha; Keaton, Jesse ; Kendrick, Martha; Killebrew, Robert; Kimbrough, Thomas; Little, Jesse; Lunsford, Nancy; Maddox, Joseph; Manning, Adam; McCoy, Archibald; McGhee, James; McGhee, James Jr.; Moreland, John ; Napier, Tabatha Dixon; Pace, Stephen ;Park, Thomas; Perry, Green; Posey, John Hamilton; Price, Zemulia; Read, Asa; Rees, Eliner; Rees, William; Richards, William; Robey, Timothy; Rosser, David; Scott, Francis; Singleton, Hezekiah; Skaggs, Charles; Smith, Dorothy; Smith, Joel; Spivey, Henry; Stembridge, William; Stephens, Abraham; Stewart, James; Stone, William; Sturdivant, John ;Turner, Henry ;Turner, John ;Watkins, Charity; Welborn, Thomas; White, Micajah; Williams, Mabel; Williams, Stephen; Wooldridge, Martha
    Indexes to Probate Records
    • Index to Putnam County Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1808 to 1820
    • Index to Putnam County Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1820 to 1825
    • Index to Putnam County Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1824 to 1833
    • Index to Putnam County Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1836 to 1848
    • Index to Putnam County Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1849 tp 1859
    • Index to Putnam County Annual Returns, Appraisements, Vouchers 1857 to 1874
    • Index to Putnam County Will Bk C, 1857-1888.

    • Clements, Jesse, estate (1822).
    • Head, Thomas, LWT (1848), transcript.

    Church Records
    • Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Members 1807, 1820, 1824-1826.

    Military Records
    • Putnam County Muster Roll of Brown Rifles, C. S. A.

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  8. (Digitized Wills in counties of: Carter 1794-1830; Jefferson 1802-1810;Johnson 1839-1900;Unicoi 1878-1887; Washington 1779-1800)
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