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Butts Co. GA Marriages, Wills, Estates

Butts County Records

Butt County, GeorgiaButt County, GeorgiaButts County was created in 1825 from portions of Henry and Monroe Counties. The name was taken from Captain Samuel Butts, a member of the Georgia Militia who was killed in the battle against the Creek Indians during the War of 1812. The town of Jackson was in honor of Andrew Jackson, a Georgia Hero, whose campaigns against the Creeks was memorable to Georgians; and also for his victory over British forces at the Battle of New Orleans. Researchers should search Henry County Records; particularly the deeds where many Butts residents are found. 

Genealogy Records available to Members of Georgia Pioneers
  • Butts County Wills 1821 to 1841 (abstracts)
  • Digital Images of Last Wills and Testaments 1821 to 1841
    Names of Testators: Atkinson, Arthur, Barkley, John, Barron, John, Blessell, Elisha, Blessell, Elisha, continued, Flewellen, Louiza, Heard, Stephen, Holly, Jacob, Knight, Walter, Lawson, Adam, Lindsey, Samuel, Malone, John, Messer, Isabel, Patrick, John, Reynolds, Thomas, Rhodes, William, Smith, John, Spear, orphans, Spears, Joseph, Stark, Samuel, Taylor, George, Taylor, John, Taylor, Joseph, Waldrip, Abraham, Walker, James, Wooten, James
  • Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1845 to 1855
    Names of Testators: Allison, William, Andrews, John, Atkinson, Cornelius, Berry, David, Dillon, Henry , Fielder, Joseph , Grier, Robert, Harrison, Benjamin, Lee, Harvey , Lofton, John, McGuire, Abin , Newton, Olive, Preston, John , Still, Bartholomew
  • Digital Images of Wills and Estates 1849 to 1857
    Names of Testators: Andrews, John, Atkinson, Cornelius, Allison, William, Bailey, Charles, Bankston, Olive, Camp, James, Cargile, John, Conger, Eli, Curry, Harriet, Dillion, Henry, Douglas, Robert, Douglas, Sarah, Fielder, Joseph, Gray, James, Greer, James, Hammond, W. J., Harrison, Elizabeth, Humber, Robert, James, John, Jarrell, William, Jinks, Joseph, King (minors), Lacy, Thomas, Lofton, John, McClure, James, McCord, Sarah, McCUne, Cornelius, McCune, James, McDaniel, John, McGuire, Abiah, Meridith, Elizabeth, Moore, Willis, Newton, Oliver, Nolen, Richard, Redman, William, Reeves, Green, Slaton, Mandane, Smith, David, Spencer, Thomas, Staton, H. P., Slaton, Samuel, White, Robert, Woodward, Aaron
    Indexes to Probate Records

    • Will Book A (1850 to 1896)
    • Will Book B (1897 to 1948)
    • Wills, Appraisements, Sales, Annual Returns 1826 to 1841.
    • Appraisements, Sales, Annual Returns 1836-1845
    • Wills and Annual Returns 1845 to 1851
    • Wills, Appraisements, Annual Returns 1849 to 1857.
    • Annual Returns and Vouchers 1852 to 1855
    • Sales and Appraisements 1852 to 1874.
    • Annual Returns and Vouchers 1864 to 1888
    • Annual Returns and Vouchers 1889 to 1901
    • Annual Returns and Vouchers 1896 to 1901


    • 1827 to 1870
    • General Index 1876 to 1896

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