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Aaron Family of Franklin County, Georgia

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Aaron of Virginia and Franklin County, Georgia

William Aaron, Revolutionary War Soldier, was born ca 1751 in Amherst County, Virginia, and died October 1841 in Franklin County. There was a Daniel Aaron who died intestate 1765 in Amherst County, leaving an estate.

William Aaron married Rebecca Rudd on 3 November 1829 in Franklin County, Georgia.[1] During the Revolutionary War, he enlisted in Amherst County, into the 10th Virginia Line, Virginia Regiment of Colonel Stevens. His regiment marched to headquarters at Bowbrook, New Jersey; thence over the mountain where he came down with the measles and was sent to the hospital at Mendow, New Jersey (or Pennsylvania). He rejoined his regiment at Germantown, Pennsylvania, but had a relapse and was put into the White Horse Hospital, near Philadelphia. He was then sent to Pech Hall near Philadelphia; thence to Burlington, New Jersey to be on bullet guard; thence to Princeton; thence to Valley Force, when he was furloughed. When his 3-year service expired, he reported to General Muhlenburg at Rocky Ridge.[2]


I. John Aaron, born ca 1775 in Virginia.

II. Rosanna M. Aaron, born ca 1777 in Virginia.

III. Daniel Aaron, born ca 1780 in Virginia.

IV. Jesse Aaron, born ca 1790 in Virginia. He married Patsy Flood on 20 June 1816 in Franklin County.

V. Thomas John Aaron, born 1794 in Virginia, died 2 May 1864 in Spring Hill, Hempstead County, Arkansas. He married Susannah Smith on 22 March 1808? in Franklin County.

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